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Less than 24 hours.

Less than 24 hours until the surgery!

I've been reading there is a 3% chance of corneal haze associated with PRK.
I also read (and was informed by the doc) that taking vitamin C (500-1000mg I think) for a 1 week prior and 4 weeks after significantly reduce the chances of this happening.
I don't want any corneal haze, so I started taking 3000-5000 mg a day about 2 weeks ago.  Yes I realize thats overkill, but hey, these are my eyes we're talking about here.

Also, for the few people that have mentioned it, I realize I write like a 3 year old.
Short sentences.
One sentence a line, for the most part.
Painful grammar. Horrible spelling.

Josh (a co-worker) thinks it has something to do with writing code, and I think he's right.
Maybe it will improve the more I write up here.
Maybe it won't.


posted on Wednesday, November 03, 2004 6:50 PM


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