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We had a great Christmas at my parent's house. It even turned into a white Christmas as we were leaving, but no snow here at home.

We have a roomba now, so I've volunteered for vacuuming duty from now on, at least until I can train it to do more important work, like fetching beer.

I managed to keep my wife's present a secret for once. She claims I am never able to surprise her when I get her something. She came close when she guessed it was in the neighbor's garage. I got us all new stainless steel appliances for the kitchen. Since I couldn't take them with us, I made her a video to watch.
You can see it here if you'd like. I especially like the music.

My dad got a new toy: a gigantic flatscreen 50“ HDTV. Watching football on our little TV just isn't cutting it anymore after spending the weekend at their house.

Finally, heres a picture of us dancing at the holiday party:

posted on Tuesday, December 28, 2004 10:30 AM


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