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Theres been a big surge in traffic on my piddly little site this morning. I see that an article I wrote a while ago was just linked to the front page of

posted on Wednesday, December 29, 2004 8:33 AM


# re: ASP.NET

Found your blog from the article. Just thought you'd like to know that our corportate web filtering software classified your site, as - get this - pornography! :) maybe they thought the article on 1's & 0's was way too edgy...

Guess you weren't the first one with this domain name.

I hope you don't mind, but I used their site submission tool, and asked that they have a human review your site's classification.

Way too much time on my hands on a slooooow New Years eve afternoon...
12/30/2004 3:30 PM | Kevin

# re: ASP.NET

Pornography, eh? Thanks for the info Kevin.
What web filtering software is it? We use websense where I work and its a pain too.
I appreciate you doing the review submission for me, if you let me know which company, I'd love to submit one also.
12/30/2004 4:09 PM | John Sample

# re: ASP.NET

We're using Smartfilter from Secure Computing. They've been good about adding sites that should be added within a week of submitting them at

They actually also classify it as sex on the older version of the software (Version 3).

It will be interesting to see how quickly they correct your site...(I had to bypass the filter to read your article - I didn't think would lead me to a bad site, but most users probably can't do that...)

12/30/2004 6:51 PM | Kevin

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