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As you probably know, you don't need to register or anything to post comments. This has worked out great until now as you can see here.
Last night some moron posted ads all over the place (from IP I'm going to leave everything the way it is; hopefully these things happen few and far between.

I'm always amazed at the people who have a complete mental gap between relating the “real world” and cyberspace.
Would whoever did this spraypaint mortgage ads in graffiti all over buildings where they live (New York)? Probably not. But the same people have a complete social breakdown on the web, thinking they are 100% anonymous (Thomas Reece of 249 W 89 Street) and nobody will ever find out who they are.

Oh well. Their hosting account has been terminated, and I've removed all the ads.


posted on Thursday, January 06, 2005 8:05 AM


# Reducing .TEXT Blog Spam

Decreasing BlogSPAM in .TEXT
1/12/2005 6:26 AM | John Sample

# re: Scum

Actually, those domains have not been terminated. They answer with status code 200. Give it time, and they will start working again.

It's part of the spammer's attempt at duping bloggers into not complaining to the IP block owner - Verio.

Virtually all domains spammed recently have been hosted at:

1/16/2005 7:08 PM | Ann Elisabeth

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