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Adventures In Portability

My wife and I have owned the same cell phones since 1999.
After carrying around the same radiating bricks for all this time, we finally decided to get new cell phones this past weekend.

Now we've owned eight (yes eight!) cell phones in under a week:
Friday: Our 2 original Sprint phones.
Saturday: The 2 Verizon phones we bought before finding out the service is lacking in one place we need it to work.
Monday:  The 2 Sprint phones we bought after returning the Verizon phones.
Wednesday: Our 2 new Sprint phones after returning the other 2 new ones. (One was too small, the other too big; just like Goldie Locks)

I was worried our numbers were going to get lost with all the shuffling between carriers and phones, but I guess they've gotten the portability system down pat.

posted on Thursday, January 13, 2005 10:27 PM


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