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1 Down, 4 To Go.

Microsoft is running a special until May 31st that gives you a free retake on failed certification exams. These things are expensive, $125 a piece.
Because of that I moved my first test up, took it (expecting to fail the first time), and passed! All I wanted to do was get a feel for the test format.
I scheduled another one for Monday.  I'm just going to squeeze as many as I can in before May 31st until I fail one.
2 more tests for MCAD, 4 more for MCSD. Although, for just passing one I am now a :

I didn't expect the questions to be so vague and/or obscure in some parts.
I can't say much about the test because of the lengthy NDA you have to sign, but there are some very tricky things in there.

Now I've got to figure out the order in which I want to do the rest.
I've got the Microsoft Press book set, but I'm not sure how well they really reflect what the exams are looking for. After comparing the first test to the first book I have my doubts.
The next one I'm doing is the general windows dev test (the one I took was web). The web test was VERY web specific, but the windows dev book seems to be almost basic OO language stuff. If thats the case it should be easy; but I guess we'll see on Monday.
The only one that I'm worried about at this point is the server components test. Just skimming through the book it looks like there is a lot of Remoting; which I hardly ever touch. As far as the elective goes, I think I'm going to do the SQL server exam.


posted on Friday, April 22, 2005 8:34 AM


# re: 1 Down, 4 To Go.

Congratulations! on destroying your first test, and with no effort I might add. See, there’s no need for worry dude, it’s automatic.

Who am I? well, it'll dawn on you sooner or later. By the way, you didn’t respond to the Ben Affleck question.

4/23/2005 12:38 AM | 2005 Deadhead Discovery

# re: 1 Down, 4 To Go.

Hmmm, a puzzle.
There's only one person who's said I look like Ben Affleck recently, but I'm having a hard time putting that together with the "2005 Deadhead Discovery" handle.
Mr L, you are crazy, but I enjoyed working with you. Rumor has it I may be seeing you again soon......

4/23/2005 9:10 AM | John Sample

# re: 1 Down, 4 To Go.

The “2005 Deadhead Discovery” references a conversation we were having about Jazz and discovering that the Grateful Dead were not a heavy metal rock group. Regarding your pending return to Xanadu, I’ll simply repeat the immortal words of Austin Powers, “Groovy Baby!”
4/25/2005 10:20 PM | 2005 Deadhead Discovery

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