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The server I keep all my databases on decide to die.
Windows can't find the “hive” or some such nonsense.

I can probably get the data back, but what I'm not looking forward to is reinstalling all the database software.
I had just about completed porting the geocoding db to Oracle, SQLite, and Firebird.

Ah well.



posted on Tuesday, September 20, 2005 7:03 PM


# re: Hive

Man that sucks... Is the harddisk toast or is it just the OS that's gone belly up... Can you read the files on the disk? If so, maybe you could shoot me over the master DB and I could put in on my Enterprise SQL Server 2000 box... It would save a ton of work on your part.

Send me a note (you have my email John).


9/21/2005 12:05 AM | Mark Chipman

# re: Hive

Thanks Mark.

I won't be pulling the drive until tonight so we'll see if its completely trashed.
Last night I tried doing a recover, but it can't even detect the windows installation.
I've got my fingers crossed that its just the SATA controller I'm using.

I'll let you know.
9/21/2005 8:58 AM | John Sample

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