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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Temporary Source

Getting subversion up and running for source control is proving more difficult than I thought when it comes to access control.
Everything is in VSS which would be perfect but running over the web isn't really possible.

In the meantime here is half of project. Two things are missing:

1. The database installer
2. The CrLab MySQL dll
3. AddressParse DLL source (Created in a separate program, I'll post details later.)
I'm waiting for a response from CrLab on whether I can include their dll. If I can't its an easy swtich back to the MySQL provided connector.
The installer is in no shape to be released at the moment so in the interim I'm going to give a download link through email. The compressed MySQL db is 2.5 gigs so you can understand why I can't post a link here. If you want a copy before the installer is up email me and I will give you a link if my bandwidth at home can take it.

The code is a maze of spaghetti in massive flux while moving to the spatial index, have some patience while reading it until everything is flushed out.

And without further ado:


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