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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

State of the Zips

I've started working on the geocoding project again. There was some down time while we adjusted to having a newborn around and time was short.

FIPS has made some changes that will make distributing an installer virtually impossible. Mainly, the USPS had them remove zip code information from their publications. I've had to come up with another source of info at great expense, so I will probably only be able to distribute the db in pre built form unless another solution arises. This also means I'll need to start charging for it to make up some of the cost.

I know there were some people who had trouble downloading the zipped up db in the past. The problem is fixed now but the location has changed. If I sent you the download info and you were never able to retrieve it shoot me a line.

One of the coolest new features I'm working on at the moment is suggestions for misspelled streets and cities.

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