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Monday, May 15, 2006


Its back up.

Here's what happened:

We were having quite a few people over Saturday for a party and when I went to make sure my MAME machine was still working I found out the motherboard was dead. I had a spare machine, but it was lacking a power supply since the week before I had given it to my brother.

Unfortunately it was 9 pm when I found out and all the computer stores were closed, so in a moment of mad scientist style hacking I wired the power supply of my main computer to the spare one without actually taking it out of the case. Picture jump starting a car, the cases were basically on top of each other with wires and drives snaked between them.

I was able to get the arcade computer to the point where all I would have to do is put in power the next day, however, somewhere in the process the chip fan power cable got knocked off of my main computer and the chip melted in the early morning.
That left me with 3 dead machines. Saturday morning before everyone came over I replaced the mobo+chip in my main computer and got power to the MAME machine, so all is well with the world at the moment.

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