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He Took The Bait!

I just got a reply from the last ridiculous email.

I'm posting it here while I think of my next inane reply.

My Dear Mabel Schumway
I am very pleased with your position in your reply
 to my mail.however ,I will give a brief profile of
I am a man of 59yrs with a family of five
 children and a wife all living under fears of the
 unknown and terror of the present goverment,precisely
 9 months now i have not seen any member of my
I am glad that you are very much aware of what has been going on in my country.
 My friend,I am not kiding nor joking with my offer,it
 may seem pretty a joke and big an offer to let you
 have 25% of the sum but to me i am desperately
in  need of a trustworthy person who can
 keep safe custody of the money ,without being greedy
to cheat on me or take advantage of my present
 condition,then abscond with the money which is
entirely my hope and resort ,in fact only resort 
of living a normal life.I will very much appreciate
 it if you can give your absolute trustworthy and
confidentiality and assist me in keeping custody of
the money.
On the issue of its legitimacy,you do not have any
thing to fear,I have an experienced lawyer who will
undertake the pocedure legaly,in fact, you will be
introduced to him then he will educate you properly,on
 the procedures.
 The legal requirements is of no difficulties the
 title deed and all relevant documents envidencing the
 fund will be legaly perfectd and changed to your
I believe that God have sent you to come and deliver me and my family from this plight we have been into and i promise you that you will not regret any step you have taken to help me and my family.
 I am awaiting your reply so that my lawyer can inform the security
company about my intention to transfer the money and to  give detail procedural guidlines  for the transfer.
Please inform me of your readiness and trust worthiness immediatly so that my lawyer can go ahead with the transfer procedure.
I await your urgent reply.

God bless you my friend.

posted on Friday, December 10, 2004 6:52 PM


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