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LVC - Part 4

Yesterday I managed to accidentally poke myself in the eye with one of the eyedroppers.
I called Dr Griffiths and they said come right in.
She said I managed to hit my eye dead center, but no worries.

They checked my vision while I was there, and I'm currently at 20/25.

The blurriness decreases every day, and I go back for another checkup Friday.
I'll post the results here when I get them.

November 22nd

Its now been 2 weeks and 4 days since the surgery.
The doctor measured me at somewhere between 20/20 and 20/25 on Friday.

Heres a summary of how my eyes are.
There is no dryness, but I do see better when I use the moisturizing drops.
I wake up and my vision is great, then starts to blur later on. Most notably around 4:00 pm.
The blurriness tends to hold off a little longer each day, eventually I assume it won't happen at all.

The only side effect I have at the moment are starbursts at night.
I talked to the doctor about it, and she said it will most likely go away with time.
Until then she prescribed me some drops I could use to limit them.

I'm still using the steroid drops 4 times a day until my next checkup a month from now.

The is still a bit of double vision when trying to discern detail, especially text.
The effect is decreasing, but it is slow. It will probably take at least another month for it to go away at this rate, but that was expected.

December 15th

Its been about 6 weeks since my PRK, so I guess its time for an update.
My vision is great during the day. If I'm not 20/20, then I'm close.
Overall I'm very happy with the results.
Sometimes my vision fluctuates, but not by much. It happens less and less, and its just about gone by now.

My only problem is night driving. I have still have awful starbursts. Hopefully it goes away.
When I'm driving at night I have to make a concious effort to stare at oncoming headlights occasionally to make my pupil shrink.
It gives me temporary relief, but it gets old.

I should have a followup appointment soon, so I'll put up another update when it happens.

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posted on Wednesday, November 17, 2004 3:56 PM


# re: LVC - Part 4

I have been reading your log with interest. Although a candidate for lasik. I chose epi- lasek and had the operation last Friday November 12. The healing has gone well although from the sounds of it a bit easier than your PRK. (I particularly enjoyed readintg that you had done so much research you were ready to do the operation yourself-- I have had the same feeling and have bored my colleagues stiff-- you know you have read to much when you are combing abstracts from the Ocular Surgical News and Journal of Refractive Surgery!).

I had the bandage contact lense removed Tuesday 11/16. My vision is at about 20/25 now far superior to what I had without glasses before but not as good as my previously corrected vision. I am struggling with text etc and the light sensitivity has diminished. But my left eye has been worse (its about 20/40) than the right and I still have some blurring.

I am trying to stay hopeful and my doctor assured me that things would get crisper,but have to admit to a concern about how much better it will get, I hope that we both will continue to have improvements.

Good Luck.
11/17/2004 5:38 PM | R Beyman

# re: LVC - Part 4

I know what you're saying about reading text. It seems like its the slowest improving part.
Its confusing and sometimes disconcerting, but it sounds like you are doing great if you've only been out of the contacts for a day. Both eyes actually decreased for a day or two after I had the contacts out, then improved.
I don't know about you, but it seems like your vision changes drastically from blink to blink (and not necessarily for the better.)

I've had mine out for a week, and they keep progressing every day, although it is slowing down.
They even bounced back quickly from the whole eye poking incident :)
The blurriness is still frustrating after 2 weeks, but from what I can tell, its normal and will go away... at least I hope it does.

Check in every now and then and let me know how you're doing.

11/17/2004 10:29 PM | John Sample

# re: LVC - Part 4

I am glad to see (literally) that things are going well for you. I am 10 days post epi lasek. My vision is 20/25. I have another appoinment in two weeks time. There is a chance that despite having had Custom Cornea (Alcon Ladervision), that I have been under corrected and may need an enhancement to get the full benefit.. The doctor says we wait and see what happens and we will know more.

If we go with an enhancement I may need slight correction lenses in the interim.
He did say that there could still be improvements and it might not be necessary, but when he tested me there we clear improvements when he used a prescription.

I also have an effect when cars are coming at me of seeign double headlights that merge into one at about 200 yards.
11/23/2004 3:15 PM | R Beyman

# re: LVC - Part 4


How was your vision before PRK? What was the prescription for your eyes before the surgery? I'm 5 weeks into post-op and am seeing 20/35.

12/9/2004 1:47 PM | HH

# re: LVC - Part 4


I was around -6.75 in both eyes, no astigmatism.
What was your prescription before PRK?
12/9/2004 2:09 PM | John Sample

# re: LVC - Part 4


I was -7.5 (left) and -7.0 (right) with no astigmatism. I had moderate pain the first few days after PRK. My vision has been fluctuating between 20/40 and 20/30. Doctor says they'll talk to me about whether an enhancement is needed at the end of 3 months, that is another 8 weeks or so away.
I can function ok, I can drive and work (I'm a software developer who sits in front of a computer monitor all day). But so far, I'm not very pleased with my current vision. I used to see 20/15 with contacts before PRK.

12/9/2004 2:24 PM | HH

# re: LVC - Part 4

I hope it gets better for you.
I also sit in front of a monitor all day, and it wasn't until recently that I could crank my reolution back up to 1280x1024. As the day goes on I find myself inching closer and closer to the screen.
Let me know if you need an enhancement or your vision clears up. I'm interested to see what happens.

12/9/2004 3:02 PM | John Sample

# re: LVC - Part 4


Thank you. I hope my vision can improve and stablize soon. Hey, my screen resolution is set to 1152x864, and I still have problem reading it especially when it gets late in the day.
I'll surely let you know what the doctor says when I have my 3-month post-op visit in 8 weeks. I'm sure you vision will continue to get even better soon.

12/9/2004 4:02 PM | HH

# LVC Update

12/15/2004 6:27 AM | John Sample

# re: LVC - Part 4

I should have searched for your articles on LVC earlier, before I had mine. It would have been nice to know that a doctor was expected to be involved. Then I most likely would not have performed the surgery myself.

If I could figure out a way to get these toothpicks back out of my eye sockets, then that would be a first step. As for the stormtrooper figure, I'm not as sure how that got in there - but I don't feel like it's helping my vision that much either.

Anyway, if you could also lend me your opinion on my radiator fluid treatment. It tends to sting a might bit. I can't seem to remember where I heard the idea of it anyway.
12/31/2004 10:32 AM | Plant

# re: LVC - Part 4

If theres anyone who could pull off operating on themselves, I'm pretty sure its you.
Look how well you did with your knee.
12/31/2004 11:50 AM | John Sample

# re: LVC - Part 4

Really great to find your stories. Am getting Epi-Lasek on the 18th of this month. My script is -8.00 Left and -8.50 on the right.
I have been begging my Dr for years to let me have the surgery and she has always said no. Then the Center For Sight moved in to town and she gave me the ok. Very high-tech equipment. Will up date you all on my progress if you would like. I am an RN specializing in Pediatrics and have to have good eyes.
Needless to say I am a bit apprehensive, but have great confidence in Dr. Lahners (my eye surgeon)
Thanks again for the info.
1/9/2005 12:47 PM | Ally

# re: LVC - Part 4

Thanks for the feedback Ally! I'd love to hear how it goes for you.
I think your going to love it. I don't need to tell someone at -8 what a drastic difference it will make in your day to day activities. (Although, there is some downside. I never realized how dirty my shower was until I could see without my glasses.)

Just be sure you understand the possible side effects.
I'm experienceing some pretty bad starbursts at night (to the point where my wife has to drive me at night if its not a familiar place).
That said, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat because the side effects are nothing compared to dealing with my contacts and glasses. Plus,I always have a designated driver. ;-)

Good luck and let me know how it goes!
1/9/2005 4:31 PM | John Sample

# Note to Ally

I've been reading this blog since I decided to have the epi-lasek surgery. I see that Ally will have it done on the 18th by Dr. Lahners. I had mine done by him on the 11th. The stafff at the Center for SIght is terrific and Dr. Lahners is the best in the business. After the surgery, I was able to see enough to get around. On the second morning after surgery, I had a good report from Dr. Lahners. On the 3rd morning I was reading the morning newspaper and the backs of medicine bottles without glasses. The distance eye was a bit blurry though. On the 4th day after surgery, everything was back to being blurry again. I was told this is normal. It has now been 5 days since the surgery, and while small print is blurry, I can watch TV abd get around just fine. My bandage contacts come out on the 18th and I hope most of theis blurriness disapates. Maybe I will bump into Ally in Dr. Lahners office on the 18th.
1/16/2005 12:45 PM | JohnS

# re: LVC - Part 4

Sorry it took me so long tp write back, but I am having great trouble reading and writing. Unfortunately I cannot drive or work yet. Dr. Lahner's(who by the way I believe is just a gem of a Dr.) did not take my lenses off on the 18th. He had me wait until I went to my regular eye Dr. On Monday and she removed them. Unfortunately she had to put them back on due to my eyes are just not healed yet. Especially the right one.
However this morning I got up and put gtts in my eyes right away and could read the clock on the other side of the room! BIG accomplishment. Considering I could never do this before.
I have absolutely no pain. And have to remind myself now to wear my sunglasses outdoors.
Last week however was a different story. I wore my sunglasses even in the house. THank goodness for a great husband and friends that also helped. I could not see well enough to cook, read, wat6ch TV. I really needed lots of help.
Today however, I can see much better.
My eye Dr. on Monday stated she was just at a conference this past weekend and was told from a refractive specialist(?)that epi-lasek has the best outcomes. The problem is the waiting period to heal...Yup I would agree.
Cannot wait to read the backs of medicine bottles Like the person above, Especially considering I am a pediatric nurse and that I reallllly need to see clearly to give meds.
Center for Sight is fantastic. I am disappointed in that I am not able to drive or work yet and that they themselves thought I would be back to normal this week. But it really is ok. Adjusting my schedule is doable. I am very grateful to have had this done.
Hopefully by next week I will be better.
Have a great day!
1/26/2005 5:39 AM | Ally

# re: LVC - Part 4

Wow Ally, sounds like you're doing great!
It took me about 6 weeks before I could comfortably read fine print, so if it doesn't clear up immediately don't worry.

If I need a touch up, I'm definitely going for Epi-Lasik, it sounds like you are healing much faster than regular PRK.
I've got a checkup on Monday (I can't believe its been 3 months already!) so I'll be posting more about my progress then.

Good luck Ally, and keep in touch!
1/26/2005 10:00 PM | John Sample

# Lenses off

Yesterday Dr. Lahners took off my lenses. I can definately see much better and feel by Monday will be much better. Monday (1/24) I was 20/400 in my right eye and 20/60 in my left. I had the surgery done on (1/18) My script was hard to measure but it was >20/400 in both eyes
Today I am 20/60 in my right eye and 20/30 in my left. Well enough to drive.
Pretty happy with that.
You all have a great day and thanks John for posting this site.
1/29/2005 8:41 AM | Aly

# Wow can I see well

Just wanted to write an update. My surgery was Jan. 18th. I had epi-lasek. I now can see 20/20. No problems with up close vision. Some starbursts at night but not much. This is a wonderful surgery. Very, very happy.
4/2/2005 8:34 PM | Ally

# re: LVC - Part 4

Here's a follow up, even though it looks lo. I wrote about a week after surgery for epi lasik (11/12/04) and my recovery has been slow. It turns out that I seem to have not reacted well to the steroids I was given to help reduce swelling. It was flarex. At one point they had me taking 8 dropes per day in each eye.

As they have gotten ready to consider a retreatment they have taken me off the flarex. Down to once a day and now not at all. Suddenly my vcision has drastically improved to 20/25 in the left eye, 20/20 + in the right eye and when tehy are tested together 20/15!!

In the end I will likely not need the retreatment after all. I go back for a consult on 4/26 and hope that is their conclusion as well.

4/21/2005 3:14 PM | R Beyman

# re: LVC - Part 4

I just had epi-lasik 4/26. I et the contacts out tomorrow. I have persistent double vision and night glare. I am most worried about the double vision. Can anyone tell me if this is temporary or is there a chance it could be permanent?
5/30/2005 10:37 PM | Dave H.

# re: LVC - Part 4

I had epi-lasik a week ago and have improved my vision, altough I find it hard to read print text. Can anyone tell me if this is temporary...please
3/30/2006 6:04 PM | john

# re: LVC - Part 4

I had LASEK about 3 1/2 weeks ago and overall am happy with the results, although I am still having problems with slight double vision, noticable mainly when trying to read signs while driving. Some days it seems better than others and seems to get worse as the day progresses or my eyes are tired. My one-month post-op visit is coming up and I intend to ask if this is permanent or will improve with time. My left eye seems much better than my right and although my vision is better than it was uncorrected, it is definitely not as good as it was with my contacts and glasses. Not the "quick" recovery I was expecting. . . is this normal? Is it possible this side effect will go away with time? Please advise.
6/5/2006 6:57 PM | Alex

# re: LVC - Part 4

I have no idea whether it will go away for you or not Alex, but i can tell you I was just as concernerd a few months in.
Its been almost 2 years since my PRK and I've totally forgotten I had it done until I get a post on this series of articles because either I don't have the side effects or I've gotten used to them.
If you still have problems after 6 months I'd start to get worried, but at 3 and 1/2 weeks you still have a lot of healing to do.

6/5/2006 7:16 PM | John Sample

# re: LVC - Part 4

Thanks for the feedback. . . I just went for my 1-month post-op. Supposedly my vision is now 20/15 in each eye and everything is perfect according to the doctor. Well, I WAS able to read the letters but they definitely were not sharply defined due to the blurriness/ghosting effect. I'm not really dissatisfied with my result, but a little annoyed with the doctor who pretty much blew off my comments about the side effects. I also heard him reprimanding one of his assistants in another room. The assistant told him that another patient said she couldn't read anything on the eye chart and the doctor said that was not true and that he is supposed to "force" the patient to read the chart! I difinitely got the impression it was all about keeping his success rate percentages where he wanted them. If he had just taken a couple of minutes to discuss the side effects with me, I would probably have left feeling fine with everything, but now I just have an attitude, like, I'm not going to refer this guy to anyone! Has anyone had a similar experience?
6/10/2006 8:26 PM | Alex

# re: LVC - Part 4

Well, it has been about 6 weeks now and I can say that I am very satisfied with the results at this point. It has only been in the last few days that I've noticed a big improvement in the clarity of my distance vision. Road signs are clearer and the blurriness/ghosting seems to be almost gone entirely. If my eyes are tired I notice it a little, but not like before. My doctor switched me to a weaker steroid medication and reduced the number of times I use it every day. I'm wondering if this is the reason for the improvement since I noticed that blurred vision is listed as a side effect of the drops.
6/21/2006 9:03 PM | Alex

# re: LVC - Part 4

Hi, Thank you John and Alex for your comments. I was so glad to find them. I had gone into the eye clinic prepared to get Lasik and had done some research on it and was prepared for those possible side effects. But at the last second (I had already paid), they said I had to get Advanced Surface Ablation. I had never heard of it, but I consented to having it done because the description was, 'exactly like Lasik, but a little longer recovery time.' Well, it's been almost three weeks and I've been very uneasy and disconcerted because of the blurriness. I had decided that I definitely did not want PRK because of the recovery time and I even inquired about it at my first appointment and was discouraged from getting it because of the longer recovery time. I have now come to believe ASA and PRK are the same thing, so I feel completely misled. But I am so happy to read both of your experiences and I pray that my eyes also improve as yours did.
7/5/2006 3:40 PM | Mary

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